Sunday Lunches

Sunday Lunch is provided after church to encourage people to stay and share more of their lives together. The aim is to provide a nourishing lunch at a reasonable price.

Lunch is prepared by volunteers who are grouped into teams and the teams are rostered one week in six.

We are always forming new teams, so if you would like to be involved in the program talk to Chris Hall who will be able to connect you with the appropriate team.

CYPRIOT SALAD - serves 100 - 120

3 kg freekah (cracked or whole grain) cooked in water (25 mins or until desired) – drain and cool
2 kg puy lentils (also cooked in water - approx 15 or until cooked) drain and cool
1 cup capers (rinsed),
3 cups toasted pumpkin seeds
4 cups toasted sunflower seeds
6 red onion sliced/diced
3 - 4 pomegranates (to deseed - cut in half crosswise and whack with a wooden spoon as the seeds drop into a bowl)
4 bunches fresh coriander (lightly chopped)
5 bunches parsley (chopped)
4 bunches mint (lightly chopped)
1.5 kg currants - (rinse under hot water and marinate in following 3 ingredients)
Juice of 10 lemons
400ml olive oil
Seed mustard 1 jar

1 small jar honey
2 litres Greek yoghurt
15 tsp toasted and ground cumin

Cook freekah and lentils separately in boiling water until both are just cooked.
Drain well and allow to cool.

Lightly toast seeds on oven trays - 10 - 15 mins.

Combine currants with lemon juice, olive oil and mustard and set aside.

Mix the yoghurt, ground cumin and honey until combined - set aside for garnish

In 4 large bowls evenly distribute grains, seeds, herbs and pomegranate seeds then mix through currants, lemon juice, oil and mustard.

Serve with a dollop of yoghurt dressing and sprinkle with cumin seeds.

A wonderful textural balance of crunch, bite and creamy softness. 

NOTE:  Suggest leaving coriander out of about 10 serves prior to mixing

Mulligatawny soup - approx 120

20 red onion roughly chopped
20 carrot, roughly chopped
16 red capsicum, roughly chopped
1 jar minced garlic cloves
1 jar minced ginger
5 small bunch of coriander, stalks finely chopped, leaves picked
10 long red chilli, seeds removed, finely chopped
20 tbs Madras curry powder
20 tbs tomato paste
4 kg gm beef mince
15 kg canned diced tomatoes - (approx 5 super large cans)
16 litres beef or veggie stock
8 cups basmati rice
Natural yoghurt - 2 litre to serve (optional)

Cook onion, carrot, capsicum, ginger, garlic and coriander stalks and most of the chilli for 10 mins or until soft.
Add the curry powder and tomato paste and cook, stirring for 2 mins.  Add the beef, tomatoes, beef stock salt and pepper.  Break the mince and tomatoes up with a wooden spoon.

Bring to the boil and simmer over low heat for 11/4 hrs.  Add rice, bring back to the boil and cook over low heat for a further 15 mins or until rice is tender.  Stir occasionally to avoid soup catching on the bottom of pot.  

Serve in bowls, with a spoonful of yoghurt if you like.

Fattoush Salad - serves 100 approx

10 pkts day old Turkish Bread
olive oil extra
salt and freshly ground pepper
10 small red onion
30 - 40 large ripe sweet tomatoes
15 - 20 avocados
10 red or green capsicum
10 continental cucumber
300 ml red wine vinegar
900ml olive oil
1 bunch spring onion finely chopped
2 bunches finely chopped Italian parsley
2 bunches picked coriander leaves
2 bunches mint leaves torn
10 tsp sumac (optional)

Tear bread into bite size pieces, lightly toss in olive oil, salt & pepper and dry out in oven.

Dice all vegies and place in separate bowls.  Mix dressing.

Use 4 - 5 large mixing bowls and evenly distribute toasted bread.  Just before serving distribute dressing evening amongst the bowls and toss through the bread.  Then distribute all other ingredients and gently mix through by hand.

Optional extra’s:-
 crumbled fetta cheese
 chicken slices

Note:  It is recommended to keep 8 - 10 serves coriander free if possible.  

Mediterranean soup - serves 100 plus

1 cup olive oil
20 red onion
2 bulbs garlic
20 tsp ground cumin
20 tsp ground turmeric
20 tsp sweet paprika
10 tsp ground cinnamon
30 x 425 gm tins chick peas (or equivalent of pre-soaked chickpeas)
20 x 340 gm tins red kidney beans
10 cups dried red lentils
25 litres vegetable stock
5 cups lemon juice
3 - 4 bunches chopped mint
4 bunches chopped English spinach

Sauté onion oil and spices together, then add remaining ingredients (except for spinach) and cook for 1 – 1.5 hrs. Add spinach in final five mins of cooking.

Suggest serving with Turkish bread (10 loaves) (warmed in oven)



Indian Inspired Sweet Potato, Spinach And Lentil Stew

(Serves approx 70)


20 large onions, peeled and quartered
1 cup coconut oil
10 tbsp Hungarian paprika, or hot paprika for a spicier stew
7 tbsp garam masala
7 tbsp ground cumin
7 tbsp ground coriander
1 tbsp ground cloves
7 tbsp curry powder, more for a more spicy stew
10 tbsp vegetable stock powder
4 lt good quality coconut milk or cream
6 lt water - adjust to more or less as necessary
2 kg diced tomatoes
4 kg dried brown lentils, rinsed and drained
20 large sweet potatoes, peeled and diced into 1x1cm pieces
800g baby spinach, roughly chopped (or 2 bunches of


Place onion and coconut oil in 2 large deep saucepans and
cook slowly til soft, adding the spices and continue to cook.
Add the vegetable stock powder, coconut milk/cream, water
and diced tomatoes equally between pots.
Add sweet potatoes, lentils into the the pots and continue to
cook and stir regularly until lentils and potato are cooked. Add
spinach in the last five minutes of cooking. Or if using baby
spinach, just garnish dish with fresh spinach.
Serve with roti bread or rice.