Who We Are

TLC Church is an organic community responding to God's grace and the call to love God and love one another. We unite in seeking to bring the message of Jesus Christ to life. “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” John 8:32

TLC is affiliated with Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania.

Just some of the characteristics that matter to us: 

Christ Centred 
Focus on life and teachings of Jesus

Biblical Exploration 
Desire to understand, grapple with, hear from and apply to our lives

Authenticity & Integrity 
Seeking to be honest and authentic about the reality of life, and the human experience. Not necessarily politically correct. Wanting to live with mess, live with the diversity. 

Respecting Diversity 
Allowing for differences in opinions, understandings and beliefs

Seen as an important part of our humanity

Healing and Restorative 
We sit with each other in our pain as we move towards healing and restoration.

Fun and Humour 
Believe that life is to be lived to the full

Vision Statement

In as much as the life of the TLC community is a ‘work in progress’, so is this statement.
It represents a time in the journey of our community, aimed at giving clarity to what is evident within us, and creating energy for what is possible for the journey ahead.

This document is the best attempt of the current leadership to articulate those things, which give life and breath to the TLC community. We acknowledge the founding faith statements and mission statements which have underpinned our community for over 40 years.