TLC works in partnership with a number of other organisations to bring hope into the world.

The community has a long history of not only working with people in the local area but also with Indigenous communities in Australia and overseas.
Direct support for the anti-Apartheid movement in South Africa, Christian outreach in Sri Lanka, linking with communities in Nepal, Indonesia and the Philippines have been the focus over the years.

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Sharing Hope

"Sharing Hope is a registered charity that works with Karen refugees living along the Thai/Burma border. Many Karen have settled in our local area and TLC has formed close ties with these new locals. TLC formed a formal partnership with Sharing Hope at its inception, funding community projects such as school reconstruction and medical support. All of our projects are initiated and managed by local Karen communities"



The Mutunga Partnership is committed to supporting the poorest living in chronic poverty in Africa, the Caribbean and Guyana in their efforts to transform and improve their lives and circumstances. 

The Partnership provides small non-collateral loans, accompanied by a process of training and empowerment to micro-entrepreneurs. It builds banking instruments and injects services and seed-capital into its client communities. The Partnership is committed to the total transformation - spiritually, socially, politically and economically - of the communities in which it works.



TLC has run 2 youth trips to Nepal and funded the building of a school in Taku a few years ago including the purchase of the land, provided educational and sports materials, funded teachers salaries and provided scholarships to students.

In 2015 the remote and impoverished nation of Nepal was hit by a massive earthquake and the results were devastating. There were people buried under collapsed buildings or tons of rock, earth and snow. Entire villages of 100's of people were wiped out by huge landslides. The Nepalese are hardy mountain people of extraordinary warmth, humility and generosity. There are countless stories of how they freely extend hospitality, food and lodgings to passers-by even out of their limited means.

These village people are subsistence farmers living in remote locations; days walk to a road head. They generally have no access to cash and no savings. The difficulty of getting their produce to market makes selling what they grow un-economic and uncompetitive so they survive on what they can produce themselves. They have no way to generate the money required to purchase the materials required to recover from an event like this.

There is no welfare system in Nepal. The government has very little resource. Tourism is the biggest source of income in the country and the quake will impact the tourism industry for some time.

International aid has focused on basic aid; food, medicine, tents and blankets. It may extend to some public infrastructure repairs but will not extend to housing. These people are on their own. The scale of the destruction is daunting. A little money goes a long way in Nepal. The way to get the most result for your money if you can do it is to go directly to the people, through the village committee; no officials or agencies as middle-men.

In 2015 a team from TLC church and friends who had previously been to Nepal ran a fundrasing dinner and auction to help those in need in Taku. Over $6000 was raised. These funds are being used to provide materials for reconstruction of homes in the villages most damaged. The village committees ensure fair distribution and accountability as they have proven in the past.

Our relationship with this village has been tremendously mutual. As recipients of their hospitality and friendship; it has been fantastic to be to offer so much in return.