Through direct action programs people in need in the local area are reached and supported.

Bayswater North and surrounding suburbs have a diversity of needs and many of its residents have few support mechanisms such as a functioning extended family. We attempt to meet these needs in practical ways with a mix of paid and volunteer staff that welcome anyone into our extended community life.

For the past 40 years TLC has been supporting and serving the local community in the Maroondah & Knox Regions. We have had countless people enter our doors throughout the week looking for support in various ways. We have been able to assist people due to the network of volunteers and partnerships that have been formed locally.

TLC Support Inc. was formed in 2013 to bring together into a single organisation our activities that provide direct benevolent relief to people in the local community, especially to:

(a) young people at risk and their families;
(b) people facing financial hardship and chronic unemployment;
(c) people with disabilities;
(d) people experiencing physical and mental illness; and
(e) refugees and asylum seekers.

TLC Support Inc is a registered Charity with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.

TLC Support Inc ABN: 32 366 900 479

A summary of our activities is set out below. For a fuller explanation go to the TLC Support website. 



Winter Shelter

Winter is a terrible time to have nowhere safe and warm to sleep.

There is a great shortage of overnight accommodation for homeless men, in Maroondah. It's tough for everybody struggling with low cost accommodation, but while there are programs for homeless youth, and significant resources for homeless women and children, there are very few places homeless men can go.

The churches of Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs, specifically in the City of Maroondah have decided to make their spaces available to the homeless men, on a rotating, nightly basis, and to provide an evening and breakfast meal. The program is called Winter Shelter, and you can read about it, and volunteer your time by visiting the website http://wintershelter.org.au and see how it’s changing the world, for the homeless men of Maroondah. With a warm place to sleep, supportive people, and hot, nourishing food, their winter will be very different from what they expected.


TLC has a roster of volunteers that set up, cook and support the men each Monday night in the Coffee Shop.


YaFT supports young people to discover their potential, grow in self care, develop strategies for healthy relationship with family and others, to connect with community and live well.

YaFT utilises counseling, therapeutic group work, narrative and bush adventure therapy in many settings; home, school and the bush to achieve it's objectives.

YaFT is not for profit and values partnerships with other organisations and volunteers to provide a varied and flexible approach to meet the needs of young people, with a focus for those 'at risk' and families in distress.

YaFT supports young people and families in need or distress in Eastern & Southern Melbourne and Gippsland, having developed over the last 30 years.

Food bank.JPG


TLC Support Inc. operates a food bank that provides food relief for people living in the postcode area (3153) facing financial hardship, unemployment, poverty and difficult circumstances. 

Food donations are received from the church community and the Vic Relief Foodbank program, a program of Foodbank Australia which is a charity.

Food Parcels available from the TLC Office:

Monday afternoon 1 - 4 pm
Tuesday afternoon 1 - 4 pm



Tuesday 10am (includes lunch)

The Brink is an art and craft drop in centre for isolated and lonely members of the community to engage. The program runs for 4 hours every week.  A light lunch and coffee is available for a minimal fee.

One of the projects of the Brink community has been to make a Butterfly Quilt for The Butterfly Children’s Hospice in China.

FRESH Leaders and kids.png
FRESH Team Leaders .png


‘Our aim is to have a positive impact on young people’s lives by providing them with life long lessons through creative experience’

Using the medium of theatre we encourage the strong, give support to the timid, remind the indifferent and warn the oppressor.

FRESH is a youth focused initiative of TLC Support Inc. It is a self-esteem building and personal development program specifically designed for secondary school aged young people in difficult life situations.

FRESH provides a forum for self-expression and social engagement, healthy risk-taking and a sense of belonging.

Thursdays 4.30pm – 7.00pm

 265 Canterbury Rd, Bayswater North

Two Performance seasons a year

Facilitated by skilled and qualified teachers, performance artists, directors and youth workers.

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Community Garden

A community garden space for growing vegetables to meet essential food needs and develop gardening skills.

Learning Together Karen Women’s Group

Thursday morning 9.30 am-12.30 pm during school terms

A craft and cooking group for Karen Refugee Women.  This is a great opportunity to socialize and learn new skills. Each week we practice conversational English as we learn together.