Vic Heyward

Welcome to all who visit our website. It is a beautiful thing to allow oneself to belong, to serve and be served in a caring community.

I have the pleasure of working alongside staff and key volunteers:

·      Pastor Julie McLean
·      Office Manager Sue Smith
·      TLC Support Administrator Jeff Garrioch
·      Music Worship Gerry Holmes
·      Pre School & Primary Sarah Stuart
·      Youth Pastoral Care Worker Fletcher Heyward

We celebrate being a part of God’s worldwide church family the best way we know how in 21st century suburban Australia. Together we seek Christ’s ongoing transformation in our lives, in the TLC community and our little dot on the map in Bayswater North. 

Grace & Peace

2016 Julie McLean.JPG

Julie McLean

TLC is a great place to belong and a community that makes you feel very welcome.

I have the privilege of working with a great team of people as we explore together what it means to be a follower of Jesus today. At TLC we value community, relationship and serving God. We also believe that the message of Jesus is one that is filled with genuine hope and that God’s mercy and compassion are available to people at all times.

Come and join us one Sunday morning and stay for lunch afterwards. 


Sue Smith

Office Manager

Dave H.png

David Home

Young Adults Coordinator

Fletch H.jpg

Fletcher Heyward

Youth Pastoral Care Worker

Sarah V.png

Sarah VandenBroek



Jeanette Milgate

Support Worker

Gerry Holmes

Music Coordinator


Jeff Garrioch

Administrator - TLC Support


Russell Goodman

TLC Support - Grant Writer