The Hope Project

The Hope Project supports, encourages and advocates for Refugees and Internally Displaced People (IDP’s) on the Thai/Burma border. It comprises of teams in Australia – Karen and non-Karen - and on the Thai/Burma border who work closely together. While much international effort targets those in refugee camps in Thailand, the focus of The Hope Project is particularly on advocacy and assistance for IDPs in Burma.

We support locals supporting locals: our projects are planned and built by local people for local communities using local knowledge to target the communities with the greatest need. Our team on the Thai/Burma border is made up of local Karen volunteers. They regularly visit IDP areas to ascertain the greatest needs and provide the necessary assistance.

Our aim is to assist in the provision of medical and educational needs and infrastructure. Now the political situation in Burma (Myanmar) is changing we are also beginning to work with IDP’s to find ways they can rebuild their communities.


History of The Hope Project

In March 2010 a small group of people travelled to the Thai Burma Border with Jordan Pe, a Karen refugee who had resettled in Australia. The group was able to see first hand the conditions on the border. They visited refugee camps, medical clinics and schools which assist Karen refugees as well as meeting key Karen leaders and community-based organizations. 

The group came away with the strong sense of the need to do more to assist Karen refugees and Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in the border area. Out of this The Hope Project was established in late 2010 to provide advocacy, support and encouragement for Karen people on the Thai/Burma border. 

In the past three years The Hope Project has developed a local team of Karen volunteers and visited this area a number of times. We have raised over $140,000 for projects on the Thai/Burma border including providing emergency medical aid, educational supplies, building class rooms, a church, a medical clinic and a bridge in the IDP area of Burma.  Our team on the Thai /Burma border has worked with local communities to identify these needs. 

In 2013, TLC Community Church in Bayswater, Australia, partnered with The Hope Project in these endeavors.
The Hope Project also became a Charitable Institution with PBI Status in 2015 and so all donations are now Tax Deductible.


About The Hope Project Team

Australian Team

Jordan Pe: Co-Team Leader
Kathy Thompson: Co –Team Leader
Julie McLean
Gitta Clayton
Calvin Salomons
Carol Oswald
Dave Home
Cliff Blowers
Beth Oswald

Thai Border Team

Thaku Dah
Eh K Ter
Saw Poe Dan
Htee Toh



Project Areas

Border Basics

Border Basics includes the provision of:
•    Emergency medical supplies in remote areas
•    Educational supplies
•    Teacher Support

Border [re] Build

In the IDP areas in Burma as a result of many years of military rule and civil unrest, many basic community services are not available. Border [re] Build is a program that works with local communities to assist in the provision of locally identified basic infrastructure such as classrooms and medical clinics.

Leaders of Hope

Leaders of Hope aims to encourage future community leaders through access to education. This program encourages students to attend University and assists in the provision of scholarships towards tuition fees and expenses for refugee students.

Churches of Hope

(Please note: This project area is not tax deductible)
For many people of faith, the building of a Church is a symbol of great hope. It is also a place that brings people together and community is found. For this reason, Churches of Hope partners with local communities to repair existing churches and build new churches.