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Give homeless men of Maroondah warm, safe nights, this Winter

The churches of Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs, specifically in the City of Maroondah have decided to make their spaces available to the homeless men, on a rotating, nightly basis, and to provide an evening and breakfast meal. The program is called Winter Shelter, and you can read about it, and volunteer your time by visiting the website http://wintershelter.org.au and see how it’s going to change the world, for the homeless men of Maroondah. With a warm place to sleep, supportive people, and hot, nourishing food, their winter will be very different from what they expected. This can be BECAUSE OF YOU!

Please JOIN us.

Consider volunteering your time on the website, at one of the participating churches, and also PLEASE help pay for a meal for those less fortunate than you this winter. You can donate by Credit Card or Paypal at https://chuffed.org/project/wintershelter. There is an opportunity to also make a donation to Chuffed.Org, who make this promotion possible. You can adjust that donation to suit your yourself, but they are worth supporting also.

Prayer Gathering in Gallery 9.00am (open to all)

Celebration and Worship 10.00am

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